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Metabolomics applications for plant-based foods origin tracing, cultivars identification and processing: Feasibility and future aspects

2 days 11 hours ago
Metabolomics, the systematic study of metabolites, is dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of plant-based food research and plays a pivotal role in the nutritional composition and quality control of plant-based foods. The diverse chemical compositions of plant-based foods lead to variations in sensory characteristics and nutritional value. This review explores the application of the metabolomics method to plant-based food origin tracing, cultivar identification, and processing...
Lu Liang

Revisiting decade-old questions in proanthocyanidin biosynthesis: current understanding and new challenges

2 days 11 hours ago
Proanthocyanidins (PAs), one of the most abundant natural polymers found in plants, are gaining increasing attention because of their beneficial effects for agriculture and human health. The study of PA biosynthesis has been active for decades, and progress has been drastically accelerated since the discovery of key enzymes such as Anthocyanidin Reductase (ANR), Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase (LAR), and key transcription factors such as Transparent Testa 2 (TT2) and Transparent Testa 8 (TT8) in...
Nan Lu

Metabolic engineering for enhanced terpenoid production: Leveraging new horizons with an old technique

3 days 11 hours ago
Terpenoids are a vast class of plant specialized metabolites (PSMs) manufactured by plants and are involved in their interactions with environment. In addition, they add health benefits to human nutrition and are widely used as pharmaceutically active compounds. However, native plants produce a limited amount of terpenes restricting metabolite yield of terpene-related metabolites. Exponential growth in the plant metabolome data and the requirement of alternative approaches for producing the...
Megha Kumari

Effect of traditional Chinese medicine on metabolism disturbance in ischemic heart diseases

5 days 11 hours ago
CONCLUSION: Drawing from the principles of TCM, we have pinpointed specific herbal remedies for the treatment of IHD, and leveraged advanced metabolomics technologies to uncover the effect of these TCMs on metabolomics alteration. In the future, further clinical experimental studies should be included to explore whether more TCM medicines can play a therapeutic role in IHD by reversing cardiac metabolism disorders; multi-omics would be conducted to explore more pathways and genes targeting such...
Anpei Wang

Exploring the potential of endophyte-plant interactions for improving crop sustainable yields in a changing climate

1 week 1 day ago
Climate change poses a major threat to global food security, significantly reducing crop yields as cause of abiotic stresses, and for boosting the spread of new and old pathogens and pests. Sustainable crop management as a route to mitigation poses the challenge of recruiting an array of solutions and tools for the new aims. Among these, the deployment of positive interactions between the micro-biotic components of agroecosystems and plants can play a highly significant role, as part of the...
Lorenzo Sena

Chemical diversity in angiosperms - monoterpene synthases control complex reactions that provide the precursors for ecologically and commercially important monoterpenoids

1 week 3 days ago
Monoterpene synthases (MTSs) catalyze the first committed step in the biosynthesis of monoterpenoids, a class of specialized metabolites with particularly high chemical diversity in angiosperms. In addition to accomplishing a rate enhancement, these enzymes manage the formation and turnover of highly reactive carbocation intermediates formed from a prenyl diphosphate substrate. At each step along the reaction path, a cationic intermediate can be subject to cyclization, migration of a proton,...
Narayanan Srividya

Metabolomics-driven investigation of plant defense response against pest and pathogen attack

1 week 3 days ago
The advancement of metabolomics has assisted in the identification of various bewildering characteristics of the biological system. Metabolomics is a standard approach, facilitating crucial aspects of system biology with absolute quantification of metabolites using minimum samples, based on liquid/gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. The metabolome profiling has narrowed the wide gaps of missing information and has enhanced the understanding of a wide spectrum of...
Megha Kumari

Comparative differences in maintaining membrane fluidity and remodeling cell wall between Glycine soja and Glycine max leaves under drought

2 weeks 2 days ago
Water shortage is one of the most important environmental factors limiting crop yield. In this study, we used wild soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. et Zucc.) and soybean (Glycinemax (L.) Merr.) seedlings as experimental materials, simulated drought stress using soil gravimetry, measured growth and physiological parameters, and analyzed differentially expressed genes and metabolites in the leaves of seedling by integrated transcriptomics and metabolomics techniques. The results indicate that under...
Shujuan Gao

Harnessing Schistosoma-associated metabolite changes in the human host to identify biomarkers of infection and morbidity: Where are we and what should we do next?

3 weeks 1 day ago
Schistosomiasis is the second most widespread parasitic disease affecting humans. A key component of today's infection control measures is the diagnosis and monitoring of infection, informing individual- and community-level treatment. However, newly acquired infections and/or low parasite burden are still difficult to diagnose reliably. Furthermore, even though the pathological consequence of schistosome egg sequestration in host tissues is well described, the evidence linking egg burden to...
Mireille Kameni

A review of artificial intelligence-assisted omics techniques in plant defense: current trends and future directions

3 weeks 2 days ago
Plants intricately deploy defense systems to counter diverse biotic and abiotic stresses. Omics technologies, spanning genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, have revolutionized the exploration of plant defense mechanisms, unraveling molecular intricacies in response to various stressors. However, the complexity and scale of omics data necessitate sophisticated analytical tools for meaningful insights. This review delves into the application of artificial intelligence...
Sneha Murmu

Twenty Years of (1)H NMR Plant Metabolomics: A Way Forward toward Assessment of Plant Metabolites for Constitutive and Inducible Defenses to Biotic Stress

3 weeks 3 days ago
Metabolomics has become an important tool in elucidating the complex relationship between a plant genotype and phenotype. For over 20 years, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has been known for its robustness, quantitative capabilities, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. ¹H NMR is the method of choice for analyzing a broad range of relatively abundant metabolites, which can be used for both capturing the plant chemical profile at one point in time and understanding the pathways that...
Anna Mascellani Bergo

A narrative review of the therapeutic and remedial prospects of cannabidiol with emphasis on neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders

3 weeks 4 days ago
CONCLUSION: CBD is an antagonist against pro-inflammatory cytokines and the cytokine storm associated with neurological infections/disorders. CBD regulates adenosine/oxidative stress and aids the downregulation of TNF-α, restoration of BDNF mRNA expression, and recovery of serotonin levels. Thus, CBD is involved in immune suppression and anti-inflammation. Understanding the metabolites associated with response to CBD is imperative to understand the phenotype. We propose that metabolomics will be...
Oluwadara Pelumi Omotayo

Functional insight into multi-omics-based interventions for climatic resilience in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor): a nutritionally rich cereal crop

4 weeks 1 day ago
The article highlights omics-based interventions in sorghum to combat food and nutritional scarcity in the future. Sorghum with its unique ability to thrive in adverse conditions, has become a tremendous highly nutritive, and multipurpose cereal crop. It is resistant to various types of climatic stressors which will pave its way to a future food crop. Multi-omics refers to the comprehensive study of an organism at multiple molecular levels, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and...
Ananya Mukherjee

Advanced Biotechnological Interventions in Mitigating Drought Stress in Plants

4 weeks 2 days ago
This comprehensive article critically analyzes the advanced biotechnological strategies to mitigate plant drought stress. It encompasses an in-depth exploration of the latest developments in plant genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, shedding light on the complex molecular mechanisms that plants employ to combat drought stress. The study also emphasizes the significant advancements in genetic engineering techniques, particularly CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, which have revolutionized the...
Özhan Şimşek

Genomic selection in plant breeding: Key factors shaping two decades of progress

4 weeks 2 days ago
Genomic selection, the application of genomic prediction (GP) models to select candidate individuals, has significantly advanced in the past two decades, effectively accelerating genetic gains in plant breeding. This article provides a holistic overview of key factors that have influenced GP in plant breeding during this period. We delved into the pivotal roles of training population size and genetic diversity, and their relationship with the breeding population, in determining GP accuracy....
Admas Alemu

Advances and Challenges in the Analysis of Boswellic Acids by Separation Methods

1 month ago
Boswellia resin is an exudate from the cut bark of Boswellia trees. The main constituents of pharmacological interest are boswellic acids (pentacyclic triterpenoids), namely α-boswellic acid, β-boswellic acid, 3-O-acetyl-α-boswellic acid, 3-O-acetyl-β-boswellic acid, 11-keto-β-boswellic acid, and 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid. Nowadays, dietary supplements with Boswellia serrata extract are used in the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases. Additionally, the constituents of Boswellia...
Dmytro Kosolapov

Genotype-based precision nutrition strategies for the prediction and clinical management of type 2 diabetes mellitus

1 month ago
Globally, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is one of the most common metabolic disorders. T2DM physiopathology is influenced by complex interrelationships between genetic, metabolic and lifestyle factors (including diet), which differ between populations and geographic regions. In fact, excessive consumptions of high fat/high sugar foods generally increase the risk of developing T2DM, whereas habitual intakes of plant-based healthy diets usually exert a protective effect. Moreover, genomic...
Omar Ramos-Lopez

A comprehensive overview of omics-based approaches to enhance biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in sweet potato

1 month ago
Biotic and abiotic stresses negatively affect the yield and overall plant developmental process, thus causing substantial losses in global sweet potato production. To cope with stresses, sweet potato has evolved numerous strategies to tackle ever-changing surroundings and biological and environmental conditions. The invention of modern sequencing technology and the latest data processing and analysis instruments has paved the way to integrate biological information from different approaches and...
Sulaiman Ahmed

High-throughput screening of the effects of 90 xenobiotics on the simplified human gut microbiota model (SIHUMIx): a metaproteomic and metabolomic study

1 month ago
The human gut microbiota is a complex microbial community with critical functions for the host, including the transformation of various chemicals. While effects on microorganisms has been evaluated using single-species models, their functional effects within more complex microbial communities remain unclear. In this study, we investigated the response of a simplified human gut microbiota model (SIHUMIx) cultivated in an in vitro bioreactor system in combination with 96 deep-well plates after...
Victor Castañeda-Monsalve
2 hours 33 minutes ago
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